Summers Brothers Racing LLC. forged steel axles are the state-of-the-art in axle design. Summers Brothers offers a complete line of axles for racing and high- performance applications, including drag racing, circle track and off-road competition, -as well as street machines and street rods! There is no "universal" Summers Brothers axle; every forged steel axle is engineered and manufactured to meet the demands of a specific environment. Flange thickness, metallurgy, heat treating, and bearing diameter are just a few of the factors that are carefully matched to the axles intended use.

All Summers Brothers axles are forged from aircraft quality chrome-nickel steel, using our exclusive forging dies. Every axle is machined to exacting standards. Bearing journals, for example, are finish ground to tolerances within one-half of one-thousandth of an inch. All Summers Brothers axles are profiled and polished to eliminate stress risers, then black oxide finished for a professional appearance. And every Summers Brothers flanged axle has the exclusive Gold Ring which dramatically increases overall strength.

Summers Brothers carries an extensive inventory of axles for popular applications. Orders for custom axles are always welcome; use our axle order form, or feel free to contact our technical department for information.

Because of important differences in axle design, is essential that you specify the axle application from the following specific categories: Drag racing, Circle track and road racing, Off-road, Street/strip, Other (please specify)